The Daily Habit Of Meditation

It is a while since I've meditated formally.

I mean it's a while since I've sat in a place with the intention of just 'being' and noticing for a few minutes.

So this morning I sat down, and meditated for ten minutes. The length of my meditation is not important. What is important is being non judgmental about why I've not meditated for a while.

I noticed the range of things my mind turned to over the course of that ten minutes. Some of them were obviously connected with the here and now - I'm gardening at the moment and my mind wandered onto plans for a raised border I'm developing. My mind also drifted onto things that were surprising. It's not worth mentioning theme here but suffice to say that when I meditate my mind always turns away from the mundane, the list making, the anxious thought to remarkable thoughts that appear out of nowhere.